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ATRAM to launch digital wealth platform
Asset manager partnering with additiv for smart, highly personalized wealth and investment services
Patricia Chiu 8 Aug 2022

Philippine-based ATR Asset Management and Trust Corporation (ATRAM) is partnering with additiv, a wealth tech firm headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, to modernize and digitize its wealth management solutions.

ATRAM’s new digital wealth management platform will use additiv’s award-winning orchestration engine which enables financial service providers like ATRAM to launch “smart, engaging, and highly personalized wealth and investment services”.

The aim is to make ATRAM the market leader in the emerging Wealth-Management-as-a-Service (WmaaS) industry, says Pieter Zylstra, Asia-Pacific general manager at additiv.

The partnership “will prepare us to scale up our activities given the fast expansion of our distribution channels and partners, and our geographical reach”, Marcy Kohchet-Chua, ATRAM managing director and chief revenue officer, tells The Asset.

The fully digitized solution is slated to be launched in the second half of 2022, additiv says, adding that it will offer ATRAM’s high-net-worth (HNW) customers “easy and efficient access” to innovative advisory services.

“This is not designed for a do-it-yourself investor activity,” Kohchet-Chua explains. “Rather, it will be a hybrid design. We cannot remove the financial adviser and our expert relationship managers as they are valued by clients to be part of the wealth management service expected.”

With the new digital tool, additiv says investors will have access to a range of tools, including the ability to set up personal wealth goals, as well as the ability to determine bespoke scenarios to ensure optimum investment decisions, all while minimizing investment risk.

“Furthermore, the digital platform allows ATRAM institutional and corporate customers to digitally access and transact on ATRAM’s suite of investment products, all while having an instant 360-degree view of the investments,” additiv says. 

In addition to the digital solution for HNW investors, additiv also says ATRAM plans to make a sandbox available to its partners, to allow them to develop and integrate innovative products.

Deanno Basas, ATRAM president and managing director, sees the need for the company to innovate to be ready for digital economy.

“By partnering with additiv, with its highly intuitive and engaging wealth platform, we can truly fulfil the needs of our relationship managers, customers as well as distribution partners, enhancing growth through focused digital financial solutions, and achieving wealth inclusion in the Philippines market,” Basas says. 

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